Research as a Service

Research and development projects, both in the private and public sector

Our Services

Research Project Management

Managing the whole research project or a single work package: planning, coordinating and monitoring of technical and scientific activities.

Context Analysis

Systematic literature review, state-of-the-art analysis of the research domain, stakeholders mapping and models definitions.

Industrial Research

User research, user experience (UX) models, software requirements analysis, software architecture analysis and data model design.

Experimental Development

Rapid prototyping, system prototype validated in relevant environment (TRL-5) and demonstration in operational environment (TRL-7), user testing plans and validation.

Exploitation & Future Scenario Design

Follow-up on research projects for industrializing results: market analysis, risk analysis, feasibility studies, internationalization and industrialization of R&D solutions.

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Our Products

We integrates skills and knowledge across various sectors, for conceiving, designing and implementing interactive products and services.

Rapid Prototyping of software solutions for research

Starting from 4 weeks

User interface developer

Planning of technical and scientific activities

Starting from 2 weeks

Project manager

Focus group and report

Starting from 8 weeks

Business analyst

Analysis of the research domain

Starting from 2 weeks

Business analyst

Stakeholders mapping

Starting from 2 weeks

Business analyst