About us


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Private research organization

Brief History


Founded in 2006 by a group of young graduates of the University of Salento, combining diverse academic and work knowledge and experiences.

Private Research Organization

Transitioned into a private research organization, conducting independent industrial research and experimental development. Emphasis on widespread dissemination of results through teaching, publication, or knowledge transfer.

Expanded Expertise (BPM, UX, IT)

Enhanced capabilities by incorporating expertise in Business Process Management (BPM), User Experience (UX), and Information Technology (IT).

Establishment of Jeita Company

Founded "Jeita" a subsidiary specializing in BPM and providing strategic consulting services, targeting medium and large enterprises.

Numbers that matters

43Innovation projects
15Subsidized finance projects funded
12R&D and EU Projects
18Years of experience
18Internal staff and external collaborators
13Scientific publications

Naica philosophy

Discover the needs and desires of customers

Our approach involves a thorough study and evaluation of each business case to determine the client’s requirements and objectives, ensuring that we deliver reliable and efficient solutions.

Bringing maximum value

We prioritize communication and consensus among project stakeholders by setting clear goals, designing both the product and the design process, and streamlining our activities to minimize the need for revisions.


Our working method is grounded in the principles of lean design, which entails engaging the user from the outset of the design process, identifying their needs and desires, and consistently refining the design to achieve optimal results.

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