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Business opportunities and supply engineering

Our Services

Funding Opportunity Identification

Monitoring and identifying funding opportunities, research grants and tax incentives for research projects.

Funding Proposal Assistance

Supporting the research project proposals to meet funding institution requirements.

Business Model Validation & Networking

Assessing project financial sustainability and coordinating with funding entities.

Accelerazione della strategia aziendale

Defining and advancing business architecture and models in diverse sectors.

Project Performance Evaluation & Reporting

Monitoring project progress, submitting required reports to funders, and providing accounting support.

Management Control

Analyzing financial performance and formulating corrective proposals.

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Our Products

We integrates skills and knowledge across various sectors, for conceiving, designing and implementing interactive products and services.

Funding sources identification

Starting from 2 weeks

Project support officer

Drafting and submission of innovation projects

Starting from 5 weeks

Business analyst

Management Control

Starting from 8 weeks

Business analyst

Business Plan

Starting from 4 weeks

Business analyst

Administrative and management support

Starting from 4 weeks

Business analyst