Strategic Consulting

Continuos Process Improvement

Assisting customers in defining the corporate strategy that best fits their business targets, bringing the right harmony between processes and organisational structure.expertise diagram

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Our Methods

Structured Focus Groups

Research activities focused on discovering how the organization operates, its chain of command, and identifying roles and responsibilities of employees.

Organizational Analysis

Activity carried out to identify organizational inefficiencies and critical issues within the organization.

Organizational Framework

Systemic approach that enables achieving the objectives defined by management through the implementation of measures involving Mission, Processes, Information Systems, Organizational Structure, and Company Culture.

Organizational Chart and Job Descriptions Definition

Graphic representation of the company's organizational structure and job descriptions for each role.

BPMN 2.0 Modeling

Modeling of business processes using an international standard.

KPIs and Dashboard Definition

Definition of indicators useful for evaluating the achievement of certain company objectives and monitoring through company dashboards.

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Our Products

We integrates skills and knowledge across various sectors, for conceiving, designing and implementing interactive products and services.

Organizational structure assessment and reshaping

Starting from 24 weeks

Business analyst

Business Process and Procedure Reengineering (BPMN 2.0)

Starting from 20 weeks

Business analyst