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Design, coordinate and plan

We provide comprehensive financial management and oversight, ensuring your ideas are financially viable and sustainable.expertise diagram

Fields of intervention:

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Our Methods

Information Retrieval Methods

Effective search, organization, and presentation of information on financial products and the market, tailored to the client's financial context.

Project Management Support

Tools and methodologies for planning, monitoring, and evaluating financial decisions and reporting phases.

Stakeholder Relationship Management

Coordination of communications and interactions with government agencies, financial institutions, and other entities involved in the financial process.

Best Practices for Document Management

Use of standards and regulations for cataloging, reviewing, and archiving financial documents to ensure their integrity and accessibility over time.

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Our Products

We integrates skills and knowledge across various sectors, for conceiving, designing and implementing interactive products and services.

Funding sources identification

Starting from 2 weeks

Project support officer

Drafting and submission of innovation projects

Starting from 5 weeks

Business analyst