Software Design, Development and Management

«User-Centric» Approach

We design and implement solutions with the utmost focus on system users. Users are involved in the co-design process.expertise diagram

Our technologies:


Our Methods

Agile Methodology

Iterative and incremental approach to software development focusing on collaboration and flexible response to changing requirements.

Test-driven Development

Practice starting with writing tests before code implementation to improve software quality.


Collaborative process between stakeholders and development teams to design user interfaces, software architecture, and other system components.

ICT Project Management

Project management practice specifically focused on Information and Communication Technology sector.

Software Engineering

Systematic and disciplined approach to software development, testing, and maintenance applying engineering principles.

Internet of Things

Paradigm where physical objects and sensors are connected and communicate with each other and with computer systems.

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Our Products

We integrates skills and knowledge across various sectors, for conceiving, designing and implementing interactive products and services.

Software architecture design

Starting from 2 weeks

Software architect

Data analysis dashboard

Starting from 4 weeks

Data scientist

Rapid prototyping and experimentation

Starting from 4 weeks

Software developer

Digitization of business processes

Starting from 8 weeks

Data analyst

Designing innovative information systems

Starting from 6 weeks

Software architect